When We Get Too Tired To Fix Things

There comes a point when all inspirers long to be inspired. Where all encouragers need their own Barnabas while their own arms are getting too tired as cheerleaders. It’s a proven fact, and some of us don’t want to admit it: That even the most inspiring around us get tired.

We tend to go in fix-it mode.

As mothers, we put band-aids on cuts and bruises.

As wives, we pray for our spouses asking God to fix him, when instead we should be asking Him to fix us.

As a friend, we listen and encourage through life circumstances - one to another.

As a woman, we stand on the sidelines as a cheerleader with our pom-poms cheering other women as they play the game of life.

We fix things.

That’s our nature.

We want people to feel good.

Do good.

Be good.

Love good.

But what about you?

Who is fixing us?

Whose your Barnabas?

Or have we gotten too tired that we don’t even look for it anymore?

Then maybe we just don’t.

Maybe we just stop looking and just be still.

Still in His Holiness.

Still in His Presence.

It’s not about attending another event or conference or reading the next spiritual book that promises an encounter with God. {Mind you, these are all well and good. They provide excellent tools to learn and grow from} Where after awhile, we don’t leave changed or we forget what we just read. We become numb to those things because the encourager is still encouraging when she’s the one that needs encouragement.

Maybe God is just saying be still and know that I am God.

Christine Caine said it this weekend at IF:Gathering: God is not a God of what WAS. He’s the God of I AM.

She talked about moving from your past into the present. It was an incredible talk and if you would like to hear it, you can find it here.

What if we looked at this another way. What if we stopped, for just a moment, encouraging and just starting listening?

What if we quit looking for our Barnabas and instead go to the One that created Barnabas.

Be still and know that I AM God.

There is a Holiness in the stillness that longs to be taken a hold of from each one of us.  In His stillness we find joy and peace, but also encouragement and inspiration.

Rest in His stillness.

Rest knowing that He is the I AM that we long for.

Find your rest today because no one was made to hold the pom-poms up everyday.

Jesus, In your stillness, Lord, is where I want to be.  Help me to tune out the things around me and tune into Your things. May I seek your face daily. In my rest, Lord, may I continually be in Your Presence. May I walk day and night with conversation on my lips to you. You are my Encourager, my Inspirer, my Lord and my God. In Your Name I pray, Amen.