August 2014 Goals

August is here!! It also means it’s my Birthday Month!! So this month I’m going to enjoy turning 41! At least that is what I’m telling my mind, but my body may say something different. :-) How were your goals this past month? Did you meet the one’s you wrote in July or are they still there lingering? I know I still have some.

My attitude for this month –

Let’s Do This!

Here were my July goals:


  • Continue to help my husband in Marketing, PR and Accounting for our Roofing business of 10 years. (really God’s business!) Went down a little on SEO searches which we have concluded to the perfectly dry weather we have been having lately.
  • Revenue $30,000 Almost
  • 5 new contracts Added 2 new contracts…PTL!


  • Continue working on Study Journal from Ecclesiastes 30 day devotional has 26 days completed
  • Continue to write Bible Study on Abraham Researched a lot this month
  • Finally hit Publish for Michelle Sarabia Facebook Page since created in 2012 I did it!!
  • Book 2 speaking engagements – I’m laughing seeing this…booked two more in Clarksville, TN! Can we say don’t put limits!


  • Walk 4 days a week Nothing…Nada…Zilch!!

Here are my goals for August:

Business (Roofing business is what pays our bills and more ;-)):

  • Keep watch with SEO on website for our Roofing Business.
  • Revenue $30,000
  • 5 new contracts


  • Finish Study Journal/Devotional from Ecclesiastes
  • Continue working on Abraham Bible Study
  • Seek, Pray, Listen about this Beyond Brave “thing” (more details soon)
  • Prepare for a new Ladies Life Group I’ll be leading at my church using Jennie Allen’s Restless material.
  • Book 3 speaking engagements


  • Find a workout routine that I will stick to. I’m feeling tired and lazy all the time and I know it’s time to get my butt in gear.

What are your goals for August?