Giving God Control

Giving God Control

On Wednesday, November 20th I did it. I quit my job.

As some of you know I’ve been battling wanting to stay home and be a stay-at-home mom again for the last 8-10 months.  My kids are growing up way to fast and these last three years of working full-time showed me that I was missing a big part of their life. With my dad passing away this year, it solidified my desire to finish this parenting race with a Godly home our kids would be proud to come back to. I also had this little “ministry” gig going since 2009 and put that to the side in 2012-2013. Life has just been a little unknown.

So let’s just say 2013 has been a “restless” year spiritually and mentally. 

I’m not going to bore you with the details of what led me to quit or how it all happened, but there is such a sweetness when God answers prayers on His time. {Tweet This}


Sometimes He answers boldly or He may close one door only to open another.  It’s funny how we’ve been talking about Faith these last few weeks and now it’s time for me to put those words into action.

No, I don’t know exactly where God has me going but I know I’m only to rest in Him.  Wait for His answer; His timing.  How many know for us type A personalities that’s hard? 

So here I am in new territory.  Maybe you are too.  We may not know exactly how 2013 finishes, but God does.  We may not know how 2014 begins, but God does.  And there’s something about that that must give us peace in knowing that everything will be OK.  That if we take us out of the control and give Him total control, that God can do some pretty amazing things. 

Let’s not get in the way.