Legacy in Motion

This came in the mail yesterday.


To say I am excited is an understatement. More like ecstatic.  To be traveling and doing mission work again for these five days in August leaves me speechless in what God is doing. I love that I will be with a non-profit called Food for the Hungry and doing this.

In April I wrote “I said Yes”.  These words still hold true for me:

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In 2012, I threw up my hands and said no more.  If I am to do anything for you, then God you are going to have to open up the doors.  I am just a vessel that is yours to use for however you see fit.

In 2013, I couldn’t be more at peace with who I am.  I am so raw. The core of who I am sees herself in a mirror and only sees her as God sees her.  Hands lifted, eyes looking up with a smile on my face as I quietly just listen.  It’s funny how you teach it to others for so long and realize that over time you may lose yourself in the message.  You forget that we have to be a continuous work in progress.  Seasons may change, but God never does.


Little did I know my father would pass away after I wrote this.  Yes, my season has changed. But can I just tell you I have more purpose, more exuberance, more focus going to Guatemala.  You see my dad loved mission work.  He started early with the Indian Reservations, building homes and churches, feeding and serving.  Then in his 40’s and 50’s it was Costa Rica.  He loved it there.  The stories he would share with us were amazing. He did it with such a focus, such a drive, to see people fall in love with Jesus.  A very dear friend of his, that was a Pastor in Costa Rica at the time, Blake Andrews, conducted his Celebration service and honored him so lovingly. One of the things Blake said about my father was how much of a giver my father was.  He told the story of how my dad and him were playing golf one day and as they finished the day and went back to the car, my father gave him some money and said, “God told me that you gave all the money you had to the church last night and that He wanted me to give you this.” It was double the amount that Blake gave! I love this Godly heritage my father left me, my siblings and our future generations.

When I was 12 years old, my grandparents took me to Magdalena, Mexico to an orphanage for a week.  Wow…what an incredible seed that was planted in my life.  That trip stirred my spirit to see the hope for the orphan.  To see peace for the hurting.

So you see my grandparents, who are happily living in Arizona, are excited for me.  Yet, with reservation that I’m leaving my family for five days. They planted a seed in me early in my adolescence.  But, my father put the legacy in motion.  This trip, this gift that was laid on my lap, will be to honor him.  Honor his work, his focus, his drive to see those in need to be the hands and feet of Jesus for them. To smile big and laugh outrageously in Guatemala would be exactly what he would want me to do while I’m there.

25 days…