Discover the I AM in You - Tami Heim

This week has been an amazing time here on Beyond Brave.  A friend of mine left a comment that said “You sound so at peace in these posts.” She’s right.

The last few weeks I have been on this journey with God.  Just feeling His amazing Love and wrapped in His Holy Spirit knowing that I’m at peace with where God has me and trusting Him and only Him to what He has ahead for me.

Some of this incite of who I am and what God created me for came from my dear mentor and friend Tami Heim.  She did a session at the Blissdom Conference this year called – Branding YOU: The Journey from the Inside Out. I'm excited to say she'll be speaking at She Inc. in June!! Woo Hoo!!

She’s been sweet enough to allow me to share some of this framework with you.  I encourage you to come back if it becomes a little overwhelming and break this down in bite-size pieces.  I promise you you won’t be disappointed.

Core Value Worksheet

Strengths Reference Guide

Part One – The Journey from the Inside Out

Identify Your Core Values

Develop a list of core values that represents what is more important to you and then rank them in order of priority. Use Core Value worksheet.






List Your Strengths

Identify four or five of your greatest strengths. Strengths are those talents assessed using formal measuring tools, have been acknowledged or affirmed by others who know you well, or describe a state of being which gives you the most energy.  See Strengths reference guide.






Part Two – Being You

In this section, we were to list priorities and goals and the impact success in achieving these would have on others.

Two of mine were:

Goal: Amazing Wife Impact: Loving and Lasting Marriage

Goal: Kids that are on fire for God Impact: Generational Heritage and Godly Legacy

Then we were to construct an “I AM” statement.  Who you are, what you do, and how it impacts others. Make this a blend of your strengths and core value selections.

Here is mine:

“I AM a passionate wife and mother who desires to be authentic and effective. I desire to encourage those around me through humility, gratitude and kindness.”

Your own Being You Worksheet

Part Three: The Merger of Your Reality and Their Perception

Behaviors follow thinking. Extraordinary behaviors follow extraordinary thinking. You choose. The consistency of what you do will work to align your reality with the perception the world has of you. List specific behaviors that reinforce and reflect your stand.

Here are mine.


1.  Loving

2.  Grace

3.  Time

4.  Life in the present

5.  Excellence


1.  110%

2.  Excellence

3.  Trusting

4.  Integrity

5.  Reliable


1.  Lead

2.  Inspire

3.  Motivate

4.  Encourage

5.  Follower

Don't forget to leave me a comment letting me know what your I AM is.  

See you next week!