A Scripture and an eBook

Are you one to write goals when a new year starts? Maybe you want more meaningful friendships or to get out of debt.

For years I would take some of my closest friends and ministry partners and we would write down everything we wanted or needed God to do in the New Year.  We use Habakkuk 2:2 as our bases:

“And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” (ESV)

Then we would all meet at my house and lay hands and pray over them.  It is amazing to go into a new year in agreement but what is even more amazing is to meet the following year and see all the things that God did as you crossed them off your list.

If you can, I encourage you to do this. There is nothing like starting out a new year writing the vision down and “running with it”!

This year I have fallen in love with a very simple eBook from Amy Lynn Andrews called Tell Your Time – How to manage your schedule so you can live free. My Twitter friend Sarah Mae, whom I hope to finally meet at her Relevant Conference, was talking about this being on her reading list.

I bought it and read it on my Nook tablet that I received for Christmas from my awesome husband and read it in an hour.

Without going too much into the book, I want to ask you some of these questions:

What are the major roles in your life?

Mine are Self, Spouse, Parent, Employee/Owner, Home Manager, Dreamer (the last one she encourages to put down)

What kind of ______ do I want to be?

Self, Spouse, Parent, etc.

If you ask yourself those two questions and write your roles and what you want to look like in those roles, you will find who you are and what you want to become.

I encourage you before the first week of 2012 comes to a close do one of these two things (even both) – Write those things down that you know only God can do.  Those wants and needs that keep you up at night.  Those dreams that seem impossible.  Write them down, make them plain OR purchase the eBook Tell Your Time.  There is more that Amy talks about to accomplish those two questions that truly made me see things a little clearly.

Let’s start off 2012 with a vision of what God has for us and God will (and has) give us everything we need to complete that vision.

Go BIG for God.

What are some of your goals?