My Last 2011 Post - Talents and Abilities

No that’s not what I want to say. Delete.

God, give me the words.





God, please give me the words to write. Lord, I want to tell my readers how much I love and appreciate them.  That this year they have been the one’s inspiring me.

Michelle, they are not yours, they are mine.

I know Lord.



(Close the laptop)

Hannah (10 year old) walks in the room. Talking in an English accent, “May I take your order?” Her and her sister, Gabby (11) just got done making homemade (and I mean their own recipe creation) cupcakes. Hannah will make you laugh in her acting abilities and can sing amazingly, but she hides behind her shyness.  I began telling her how I was tired of seeing her not use the talents God has given her.  That the talents and abilities God gave her were given to her to use. That no one else has those gifts.  I went on telling her, “Do you realize God gave them to you? He gave you something that others don’t have? We can’t let them go to waste.

(Open the laptop)


God you are amazing.  I’ve been questioning this space called Beyond Brave. But this is not my blog Lord, it’s yours.  Its yours to use me in.  The talents and abilities God you have given me, I need to make sure they don’t go to waste.  So Lord I ask you what does that look like in 2012? What do you want me to create for You in this space? What audience is there Lord? Sometimes I feel as though I am the only one in this big space.  But I know I am not alone because You are here.  You are the inspiration that pours in the space.  You are the encouragement that flows from one sentence to the next.  You are what this blog is to be. I am just your conduit, your vessel to use.

Lord, before the year is over show me what you want this space to be.  Where you want to take this to. As I question my own abilities Lord, give me the courage I need and the confidence I lack with each word that is typed and every paragraph that is formed.  I ask you God to guide my steps, direct them.  Show me Lord what it will look like for 2012. You know how many things have changed and the new seasons you have me in.  But I am faithful in knowing that “all things work together for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

My prayer is the same for you. That in your own “space” God has you in, that His love and encouragement wrap around you these next few days of the year.  As we enter 2012, you will be inspired to go BIG for God.

By the way, the cupcakes were actually really good.

See you next year.