Officially a Parent of a Teenager

Today I am officially a mom of a teenager. It’s our oldest son, David, 13th birthday.

It seems like yesterday when he was born. {Well, sometimes. Other times, it couldn’t get here fast enough. }

I remember when he was born.  It was absolute heaven. I remember holding him, feeding him, changing him, talking to him and just loving him to pieces.  The baby years were so amazing to me, yet such a blur.

Then I remember when he hit that 8-10 year old period.  Ambitious, loved talking about what he learned or discussed. His sense of humor was coming out of him and man, was this kid going to be funny.

Now we are here…the teen years.  Some parents get nervous or worried about these years.  Knock on wood…I’m not.  Yeah, we have had our ups and downs, but what parent hasn’t? I’m excited to see what the teen years bring him.  I’m ready for him to spread his wings and see what God has in store for him. Talking to him, it’s almost as though there is an excitement in him because I know he thinks this is one more step closer to being an adult.  Because for him, that couldn’t come any sooner.

We have raised him, and all our kids, to be confident in who they are in Christ.  Knowing that they are who God says they are.  Letting them know that no weapon formed against them shall prosper and that if God be for them, who can be against them.

So today I wish my son a Happy 13th Birthday and for all you mothers of teenagers, I share with you from The Fight of Your Life from Jeffrey Dean this:

A Mother's Prayers For Her Teen

Lord, this day, as every day, I pray for David {Write your child's name here and in all the area I use my son's name}

I pray...

1. For David's salvation {if your teen is not a believer} and continued walk with the Lord {if your child is}

2. For God's protection and safety for David and his friends.

3. For strength for David to take a stand for what is right when in a moment of temptation.

4. That God will provide David with a godly spouse someday and that he would make wise choices in his dating life in the future. I pray right now for my child's future spouse - for her safety, protection, purity, guidance, and wise choices. Lord, You know who this person is even though I might not.

5. For godly friendship for David.

6. That David would have opportunities to share Jesus with those who don't know Him.

7. For wisdom and discernment for David and for his friends.

8. That God would use David mightily for His glory.

9. That David would honor God in his private life.

10. For clear direction for David in life after high school.