I'm Back from an Amazing Summer

I’m back!! What an amazing summer it has been.  With birthdays and summer camps, I have to say the highlight of my summer was the MOPS International Convention in Nashville. Seeing old and making new friends is always an experience in itself.  But this year was different, I was asked to speak to the Large Group Coordinator Leadership Essential breakout session. This breakout is for all the MOPS Coordinators Nationwide that has a group of 50+ mom’s that are leading groups all over.

At the end of registration, there were 520 women registered for this session.  This would make it the largest group I have spoken to in my speaking career. I shared with them my first MOPS meeting that I attended 10 years ago with my 2 ½ year old holding on to the double stroller that carried my 12 month old twins and an infant in a chest-carrier.  How we strolled into MOPS, looking like a freak-show, but it was a Discussion Group Leader that told me, “What you’re doing is not normal!” Those 10 years later I would be standing in front of an audience of 520 leaders pouring into them as that Discussion Group Leader did to me. It’s what some of us call in the blogosphere an “AWE-God moment”.

So I’m back writing about mothering, parenting, being a wife and being a woman in pursuit of God every day.  Continue to join me in this journey as we take ordinary moments that take extraordinary faith and become Beyond Brave.

What was your “AWE-God” moment this summer?

What would you like me to write about?