@stickyJesus Read-Along Chapter 11

The average user has 130 friends, and users spend more than five hundred billion minutes per month on Facebook. (p.137)

When I read that, my jaw dropped.

I enjoy Facebook.  I love the fact that you can keep up with family and friends and their coming and goings.  Be invited to events and birthday parties.  But, we as Christians can also use it as a tool to share our faith. Spread the Good News to millions.  Relaying the message to our Facebook friends.

Sometimes Facebook can have a social-let down effect. You might see other friends going to an event or party that you weren’t invited to or maybe a message or status update that didn’t receive a response. I had a friend recently send a message to about 5 other women about having dinner.  No one responded.  She called me and asked, “Michelle, did you receive the message I sent about dinner?” I told her, “Yes, I just haven’t had a chance to respond.”  Then I jokingly said, “Makes you feel like a loser, huh?”

That’s why I strongly believe we have to have purpose in why we Facebook. We have to see it how God may see it, as a tool to use for his kingdom.  We can reach so many unsaved loved ones and friends through our very own statuses.  It doesn’t mean you have to quote scripture every day.  It can be in the everyday madness of raising toddlers.  The key is showing what you did in that madness.

My favorite paragraph in this chapter says this:

Remember, it’s not the quantity of friends you have on Facebook as much as it is the quality of the relationships you maintain.  Accumulating a huge number of friends is not a contest so let go of the numbers.  For a believer, adding friends is a genuine commitment to helping others find God’s best for their lives. (p.141)

That’s my prayer, is that I choose quality over quantity, and with that quality, I can be a light shining for him.

What are some ways we can use Facebook for His kingdom?

Have you ever gone through a Facebook social-let down? How did you feel?