I Mean Really? - Super Bowl Commercials

After 30 minutes into the Super Bowl, I realized I had to keep my thumb permanently on the remote control. Having tween boys in the house and all the sexual innuendos that were shown from the commercials I realized I had to be prepared to change the channel…and fast. From GoDaddy.com fake breasts and Teleflora’s “rack” statement it was just too much. (I still am trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Faith Hill agreed to be a part of that commercial.) What about Kim Kardashian’s ad for Skechers or the Pepsi Max “I want to sleep with her!” rant.

I mean seriously…what is this world coming to?

As Paula Deen would say, “This just boils my britches!”

Where did we as women lose sight of who we are? I am a child of the 80’s. A time where every woman wanted a career and had a reach-for-the-top attitude. It was Wall Street and business suits.

Now I am afraid it’s scantily clothes and low self-image.

God wants so much more from us. He needs so much more from us.

How can we send a message that we want change in our media?

1. Don’t buy the product 2. Pray

Let’s reach out to the women that are hurting. That may not see themselves as God see’s them. Let’s show them a true love. A hope in knowing that you are worth more than they think.

From This:

To This:

What are some ways we can better the message?