@stickyJesus - Read Along Chapter 6

When I began blogging in May 2009 I was like a ship with no rudder. I had all this motivation and energy to go on this voyage yet I really had no direction.  I didn’t know what topics I wanted to discuss on my blog or what kind of message I wanted to send.  So I began to just write.  Writing about all kinds of things; motherhood, finances, life.  As time went on, I would get frustrated trying to find things to write about. I would look at other bloggers/writers websites and tell myself, “There is no way in the world I can do this.” or “I love the flow and content of her website” only to be disappointed with mine. That all changed when I read @stickyJesus.  Chapter 6 has hit me the hardest!  I realized I left something out in my blogging…the Holy Spirit. I forgot to ask Him what he wanted me to write.  What message he wanted given.

This “blogging” thing was a new venture.  I would get up every morning and seek God’s face in the daily things.  I would get in his Word and let it resonate in my spirit.  Prepare messages and bible studies.  Never did I think to stop and ask God for my daily guidance in blogging. Maybe because I thought blogging was this selfish act of reading some one else’s life situations or circumstances and feeling as though my life was never going to measure up. {Ouch, did I just say that!}

Chapter 6 taught me how to be a better blogger.  On page 79, Tami Heim and Toni Birdsong wrote, “One of the first steps to engaging online is organizing your thoughts so you can add value to a conversation”. Three other steps in chapter 6 that changed the way I blogged was:

  • Be Present
  • Keep It Simple and Powerful
  • Be an Original

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Be an original was a tough pill to swallow.  I realized by coveting {humor added} other websites or looking at the way other bloggers write was not allowing the Holy Spirit to work in me. To be what he created me to write.

I give this one analogy at times when I speak about the child being the canvas, we are the paint brush and God is the Painter. Touching this canvas the paint brush {us} begins to add the colors and with each brush stroke the Painter guides each direction the paint colors move. Some colors are bright and vivid, others are calm and cool.  Once the canvas is complete the Painter gently let’s go of the paint brush and with His hands takes the painting to the place He knows everyone will enjoy.

God has gently reminded me that it is like this with our writing.  That we have to go to the throne each time we write and ask for His guidance. That our words would speak into those lives that need encouragement, restoration or just a good laugh!

May we all write for the greatest Author and Finisher of our faith.  He’s the greatest storyteller that knows all our endings. May we make Him proud.

1.  Do you struggle with content? Where do you seek council?

2.  Do you find yourself wishing your blog/website was like so and so?  Why?