@stickyJesus (Chapter 3)

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships says it all in chapter 3 of @stickyJesus. I love what Scott Williams says in this chapter about how you never really know how God is going to use your voice online.  He goes on to say, “Anyone can do this.  You don’t have to have a special platform, degree or position at a church.  Having a relationship with Jesus is your permission to “go” into all the world and share the good news. “All the world” includes online.”  Can you imagine the light we can shine online for Jesus! This is why I love what Facebook, Twitter and blogging means to me now after reading @stickyJesus.  It’s about relationships.  Real relationships.  I don’t have to be super spiritual all the time in my status updates or tweets. I can be real.  The key is in the realness we have to ask ourselves, are we pointing them to Christ? I enjoy encouraging others on Facebook when friends are having a bad day.  I enjoy RT (retweet) something that may resonate with my spirit for others to see.  When I am writing a blog post I want the words that I write to have passion about this Christ that I serve. That it carries over into Facebook and Twitter and is consistent with everything that I say and do.

I love the Godly relationships that are being built from social media.  I love that we can be fishers of men in this mission field and use social media to lead others to transform this world. I can’t wait to see what God does next!

Questions for conversation:

1.  Where do you draw the most relationships from Facebook or Twitter? Why?

2.  How can others see your genuine love for the Lord in social media?