Inspired from a Newsletter

Today I was going through and cleaning out 210 emails (yikes!) that have been waiting for me the last week.  I stumbled upon a December newsletter from Tricia Goyer (gotta love her!) and was inspired to take what she has done and use it in my own life. Each month for 2010, she took 2-4 events that happened in her life and listed them.  Whether it was releasing a new book or adopting a baby, Tricia was impacted by them all.

I think it is so important as mother's to note events in our own lives.  I am asked from Mom's every where I speak, what is the one piece of advice I can give them?  I always say, keep a journal. Write down accomplishments your child does, their first words, how being a mom makes you feel in that moment.  I guarantee you it will be worth the time and effort.

I give this advice because I didn't do it and wish I did.  Something that I can go back to and remember all that God has done for me, as a mother. I encourage you to start!

Better late than never.  I'll be starting in January 2011.

How about you?  Do you journal events in your life?