A Late Night Phone Call

Continuation from Part I Yep, I was late.  Late as in I missed my cycle.  I didn’t want to think it. I didn’t want to face it.  Within the few days of missing I told Jose that I was late and he ran to the store and bought me two pregnancy tests.  One more than needed for extra assurance!

There it was…the plus sign.  I remember falling to the floor crying and asking God why.  Why was this happening?  We just moved to our dream home with our 3 wonderful children.  Now this.  I called Jose up from the family room and he saw in my face the answer.  All I could see was disappointment.  Then the questions, how could this happen?  Didn’t you take your pill as prescribed?  What are we suppose to do now?  I had no answers.  I just sat on the bathroom floor crying.

I called my best friend, not my mom, that night.  I was too embarrassed.  It was 11:00pm and I knew she would answer.  I began to tell her the news.  She gasped, “Oh, Michelle”.  Is all I remember hearing.  But she said something I needed to hear, “God has a purpose for everything.  Sometimes we don’t know why but we have to trust Him that He does.”  I went to bed that night (with Jose. He still loved me! HA!) angry at God.  Why now and what purpose did He see with another child.  Did He forget I just gave birth to twins!

To be continued…