Amazing Patience

For some reason I was up early this morning (3:30am!) and couldn't sleep. After trying to fall back to sleep for a couple of hours I turned the TV on and began seeing footage of the rescue of the miners in Chile.  One could only imagine the feelings that are going through their minds as they have been waiting patiently to be rescued.  And it reminds me how we as Christians need to do the same.  We must not forget that through our own circumstances God will see us through them all.  All our situations, trials and hurts, He will see us through.  The questions is will we wait?  Will we wait until His timing comes through?  Or will we try to find answers or solutions to our own situations because maybe the answers we want aren't coming in fast enough. As footage of these miners comes in through out the day, think about your circumstance, your situation that God has you in right now.  Can you wait to see His results?  Can you stand back and let God be God in your life?  Although these miners were trapped for more than two months, they never gave up hope.  I'm sure at times they did.  But once the digging and drilling for their rescue was beginning to take place the only thing they could do was wait.  Which for us could be the hardest thing to do.

Romans 8:25 - "But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience."