Having a Conversation with God

Have you ever been at a point in life where you know where you are going but have to be patient getting there? I'm having one of those moments.  This morning as I was praying I began to hear God telling me..."wait on me".  I am at such a loss on what to do with this blog, which direction He wants me to take it.  I have so many ideas but am only looking for the God ideas. So as I wait patiently, feeding on His word, praying and have conversation with God.  I know He will begin showing me what to do with this blog and what words to use.  Then I think...video!  I'm easier to talk than to right.  Its as though I have so much to say, yet can't articulate in written words what I want to say.

For now I will continue writing and searching all that God has for me and this blog!