I Need You! Launch Friends (Only 10 Spots Left!)


It's almost here! ONE MORE WEEK and we will be able to preorder my first book!

AND...we will begin registration for my online devotional on Facebook and YouTube, too! Nervous....

But I couldn't do any of this without an incredible team of 100 friends (ONLY 10 SPOTS LEFT!!) to help spread the word. Here are the kind of friends I'm looking for:

  • Someone who loves the WORD.
  • Someone who loves the internet and may be a tad addicted to social media.
  • Someone who can write a review on the By Faith book page and Goodreads.com.
  • Someone that has never done a book launch or has done 99 of them.

Here's what doesn't matter:

  • Your age! I don't care if you are 18 or 80, we all need the Word.
  • Your numbers! Those pesky social media followers. You don't need to have 100,000 Facebook followers.
  • Your location! The beauty is doing this from the comfort of your home.

As a By Faith Launch Friend you will get:

  1. A free, electronic copy of the book in advance of the launch date, April 4th. (PDF)
  2. A private Facebook group with me and 100 of our closest friends and get access to behind the scenes surprises and gifts.
  3. A free online bible study of By Faith. For 20 days you’ll receive a short video of me teaching through this study series (dare I say, scared and nervous about this one!)
  4. Other fun things because it just wouldn't be a party without friends!

I can't wait to share my heart with you about this book. Telling you how hard this was wouldn't do justice. Writing it was tough, but walking through it was probably one of the hardest things I've done.  It makes me hopeful of the lives and circumstances that will change through it!

10 SPOTS LEFT!! Hurry and fill out the application now until March 14th.


Wednesday Wisdom - The Heart

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Wisdom Notes

  • Find a mentor
  • Hebrews 4:12
  • What is in your heart?
  • What is your heart filled with today?
  • God's faithfulness is true
  • Don't be reactive with worry and doubt
  • Conquer your thoughts with the Word
  • Sharpen your sword when it gets dull


Wednesday Wisdom - Vanessa Maddoux Ministries

Vanessa Maddoux
I am so excited to have you for our very 1st interview on Wednesday Wisdom!

Today I want you to meet one of my dearest friends. This episode is perfect for those of you that may feel like you are wandering around wondering what God has for you.

She has been a friend for over 20 years, Vanessa Maddoux is a perfect example of what I call Beyond Brave.  She is stepping out and doing incredible things for God's kingdom.  She has worked with the likes of Wynonna Judd, Natalie Grant, Dolly Parton, Bill Gaither & the Homecoming Friends, Barry Manilow, Sonicflood, Vicki Yohe, Phil Vassar, Geron & Becky Davis, Regi Stone, Wayne Watson and many more. In 2010, after many years of ministry in the local church, Vanessa began to sense God was leading her down a new path of ministry. This was a season of great transition, miracles and divine appointments as the Holy Spirit began to open her heart into a walk of faith into full-time music & missions ministry. Since that time, she has been to Ireland, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Israel as doors have opened in this walk of faith! The beginning of Vanessa Maddoux Ministries was formed in 2012 along with the missions focused non-profit organization, Good Deeds International.

You can find her at www.VanessaMaddoux.com

Here is some of her story!



Wisdom Notes

How The Lord transitioned her from music

How she went from being in debt to debt free

Obedience is key

A trip to Japan changed her direction

At 40 God dropped something on her heart

Some of the things she has seen in closed-country mission work

Giving up control and how it has to do with the amount of time you spend in His presence

Wednesday Wisdom - Trusting God

Let's get honest, sometimes the hardest thing to do is trust God.  When we don't see things going the way we want or it seems as though the money isn't coming in as fast, we tend to doubt and fear that God must not be aware of all that is going on.  We don't trust Him that He has everything under control.  Today, I hope these words encourage you to trust the faithfulness of God.

Wednesday Wisdom - A Fresh Look

Here it is and I'm excited...Wednesday Wisdom is back and improving! I'm sharing some new things that I'll be bringing to the blog with some great interviews, a podcast and guest posts!

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So here you go...